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At the University of Delaware, we desire to serve all students on our campus with the good news of Jesus. We call these pockets of campus "corners."

InterVarsity at UD has multiple chapters that work to minister to each of these corner communities. 

Athletes InterVarsity Chapter – Athletes InterVarsity is the athletic chapter on campus. We serve all University of Delaware athletes, trainers, and coaches of any varsity or club team. We provide weekly gatherings (Bible studies) for athletes on campus.

InterGrad InterVarsity - This chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is for Graduate Students at UD. We gather together to be a witness in the higher education community. 

Mi Gente Latino Fellowship InterVarsityThe LaFe Chapter at UD is called Mi Gente. We desire to serve the LatinX community on campus and engage that community with the love of Jesus. 

BCM Frontline InterVarsityThe BCM Chapter at UD is called Frontline. We desire to serve the Black community and interested parties on campus teaching our faith while encouraging advocacy that models Christ

Multi-Ethnic / UnderGrad InterVarsityThe UnderGrad or Multi-ethnic chapter seeks to serve the campus at large. We specialize in dormitory outreach and small groups. 

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